Kaziranga National Park known for one horned Rhinoceros opens only for six months in a year due to heavy rains during monsoons. While we were visiting Guwahati, we planned for a night’s stay at Kaziranga. We started from Guwahati at around 11am and straight away headed to Kaziranga which took us about 4 to 5 hours to reach there. On the way to Kaziranga National Park, the sighting of one horned Rhinoceros had already begun. It was a pleasure to be there.

Viharin.com- One Horned Rhinoceros as seen from far on the way to Kaziranga National Park

One Horned Rhinoceros as seen from far on the way to Kaziranga National Park

Viharin.com- Rhino enjoying symbiotic relation with birds

Rhino enjoying symbiotic relation with birds

Viharin.com- Two Rhinos

Viharin.com- Two Rhinos enjoying harmony with deers

Viharin.com- Close up of Rhino

Close up of Rhino

The last entry at Kaziranga happens at 3pm. So rather than fishing for hotel there, we decided to take jungle safari first. It was a pleasurable sight to get into jungle in an open jeep.


Viharin.com- Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park

Kids were already familiar with jungles. This being their 6th visit to a jungle. So they were all excited. So were we. Hmmm… fresh air and jungle fragrance was very rejuvenating. We were wearing light woollen clothes it being February. We saw some beautiful birds and deeds and bisons.

Viharin.com- Beautiful bird

Beautiful bird

Viharin.com- Group of Bisons

Group of Bisons

Till long we were not able to spot anything beyond deers.

Viharin.com- Flock of deers

Flock of deers

This time we also saw many cocks in the jungle. After looking hard for animals, peeping through big tall grasses, we finally spotted elephants. There was a family of elephants with a calf by their side. We followed them for a while till they came close to us.

Viharin.com- Family of elephants

Family of elephants

Again moving further in the jungle, we saw what we had come for The one horned Rhinoceros. It was a big and mature one. Loved the site. It was busy eating grass and playing around. We used to turn our vehicle according to its movement.


There was pin drop silence as we did not want to disturb the natural activity of the Rhino. We saw a Rhino in jungle in action for the first time in life. It was so big and its skin was so thick. I was witnessing this scene and it was as if I am watching some wildlife channel. It then came close to us and we left the site.

On the way back we saw a swarm of bees forming various shapes in the sky. It was a mysterious site and swarm would take various shapes. Kids got super excited as they thought it was some ghost taking various forms and shapes as per their concept through cartoon channels.

It was a delightful visit to the forest. While we highly recommend to visit Kaziranga National Park, we also suggest to take due precautions to ensure you are return safe from the forest.

Nidhi KM