Although I have been to Jaipur six seven times, but every time I visit, I get an altogether new experience. It is like I can never have enough of Jaipur. Amer Fort is a gem of Jaipur that is full of treasure for discoveries for travellers like me. I can never get tired of seeing Amer Fort ever. This time when I visited Amer Fort with my professional camera ( I try to click good photos through it), I loved every road to Amer and views, that I was compelled to write a post on way to Amer Fort.

One very interesting thing that I have always observed in Jaipur is a good presence of elephants. Such presence instantly provides a royal touch to the city. When we were about to enter the narrow lanes to the fort, we saw elephants. One of them came extremely close to our car. I was quite excited to see it.

Viharin-com-Elephant on the way to Amer Fort

Elephant on the way to Amer Fort

As we went further, the fascinating walls of Jaigarh Fort overlooking Amer Fort was like a necklace to the little hills that grace the city of Jaipur.

Viharin-com-Necklace of hills of Jaipur

Necklace of hills of Jaipur

I love these views whenever I am in Jaipur. I just feel like standing there and imagine the life during those royal times. All over the area around Amer Fort, walls of Jaigarh Fort beautify the whole ambiance. This time since it was rainy season when we visited, the whole area was green. Hills looked fresh and lush green.


Fascinating views

Before I entered the Fort, I ensured to click any and every photograph I could. Attaching few for you.

Way to Amer Fort

One can reach Amer Fort by car, taxi, elephant ride or walking. Amer Fort is 11 kms away from Jaipur city.

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