We and our family friends started from Munnar in the morning and reached Alleppey formally called as Allappuzha by lunch. Our driver was in hurry because our lunch was to be on the houseboat cruise. As we reached Alleppey we saw swarm of boats , some of them two-storyed and luxurious.

Viharin.com-swarm of houseboats at Allepey

Swarm of houseboats at Alleppey

I wondered how my house boat would look like! We reached our boat – ‘The Syndicate’ after crossing three boats.

Viharin.com- Syndicate houseboat at Alleppey

Syndicate houseboat at Alleppey

It was a nice old fashioned kettuvallam  or houseboat with three well furnished rooms , attached bathrooms , small balcony and adjoining open drawing dining with separate kitchen.

Syndicate Houseboat's drawing room

Syndicate Houseboat’s drawing room

Viharin.com-scenery as seen from open Drawing room of our houseboat

Scenery as seen from open drawing room of our houseboat

We and our family friends had booked the full boat. It was quiet costly Rs.10,000 per night. I and my son went in the room to check it.To my amazement, the room had windows by which me and my son sat for a while. We kept on watching the water under the boat passing by. It was a nice refreshing feeling. Soon we saw a boat terminus.

Viharin.com- nice view of Alleppey backwaters as seen from houseboat

Boat terminus in Alleppey backwaters as seen from houseboat

During this time, my husband was clicking snaps. Cool breeze was blowing and we were watching the beautiful scenery and other beautiful houseboats.

Viharin.com- Beautiful and refreshing view of Alleppey Backwaters

Beautiful and refreshing view of Alleppey Backwaters

Viharin.com-Ravishing scenery

Beautiful scenery

Viharin.com- Another beautiful houseboat

Another beautiful houseboat

Then,we were offered welcome drinks and fresh fruit plates which were quite refreshing. After a while,to my surprise the boat stopped in the middle of the lake so that we could have lunch there itself. It was one of the most memorable lunches of my life.

Viharin.com- Lake at Alleppey

Another Boat terminus in Lake at Alleppey

Cold winds had started and our boat was moving slightly with water currents. We had a break of almost an hour and resumed our journey. Then in the evening, we had some snacks and tea at the lake.

Viharin.com- Snack point at Alleppey

Snack point at Alleppey

All the travelers were excited and waved at each other as our boats crossed. My husband clicked some snaps when a houseboat crossed ours.

Viharin.com- A boat coming towards our boat

A boat coming towards our boat

Viharin.com- Houseboat passing by

Houseboat passing by at Alleppey Backwaters

Viharin.com- Houseboat passing by our houseboat at Alleppey

Houseboat passing by our houseboat at Alleppey

Viharin.com-Houseboat by passed our houseboat at Alleppey

Houseboat by passed our houseboat at Alleppey

We resumed our journey and later parked our boat at a scenic place where many other boats were also lined up and enjoyed the sunset.

Viharin.com- Houseboats parked before sunset

Houseboats parked before sunset

Viharin.com-Sunset view from houseboat at Alleppey Backwaters

Sunset view from houseboat at Alleppey Backwaters

It was dark and we had dinner in the dining area. After dinner, we enjoyed light music and gazed at the clear starry night for two hours to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Viharin.com- Boat traffic at waterway

Boat traffic at waterway

Next morning was special again ! We actually came to know the actual meaning of a waterway.

Viharin.com-Waterway at Alleppey

Waterway at Alleppey

On the way back ,we saw glimpse of true Kerala life.  Schoolchildren , office goers , few shops – all of them on boats! Sellers were selling cold drinks in a boat. We saw many water taxis. It was an amazing experience for me to see water taxis for first time in India. Although I had ferried one at United States.

Viharin.com-Sellers selling cold drinks in boat

Sellers selling cold drinks in boat

We actually were caught in a small jam of boats where we had to turn left in a small connecting canal.

Soon our journey in the houseboat came to an end which we did not want of course. Houseboat cruise in backwaters is once in a lifetime experience. 

Finally, we returned to our shore and resumed our next part of journey – Kovalam beach

Did you know?

  1. Nicknamed “Venice of the east” by Lord Curzon , this town , also known as Alleppey.
  2. Allepey is a picturesque place with canals ,fresh water rivers , beaches , Lagoons and backwaters.
  3. Houseboats are reworked versions of Kettuvallams or boats with knots – which means the entire boat is held by coir knots. These boats were earlier used to carry tons of rice and spices.
  4. Annual Nehru Trophy Boat Race is held on Punnamada Lake , near Alappuzha (on 2nd Saturday of August , every year).

    Viharin.com-Starting point for Nehru trophy boat race

    Starting point for Nehru trophy boat race

  5. Punnamada Lake is also popular for many temples and ancient  churches. One of the popular sweet dish here is Payasam.
  6. Punnamada Lake also houses the Coir industry & Coir board.
  7. The whole of district of Alleppey is crisscrossed by system of canals , which is part of National Waterway.  One of the features is region of Kuttanad – also called granary / rice bowl of kerela , where rice farming is done below the sea level.

Other beautiful snaps

Viharin.com- Vast beauty of Backwaters

Vast beauty of Backwaters


Viharin.com- Many houseboats at backwaters of Alleppey

Many houseboats at backwaters

Viharin.com- Alleppey water taxi terminus

Alleppey water taxi terminus


Viharin.com- Other houseboat at Alleppey

Other houseboat at Alleppey

Viharin.com-Boarding place for houseboats

Boarding place for houseboats

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