Arc De Triomphe is a memorial that honours those who fought and died for France in French revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. Names of French victories and Generals are inscribed in the inner and outer surface of the structure. The Arc is  located on the right bank of river Seine.

Arc De Triomphe

Arc De Triomphe

We reached the Arc De Triomphe on bus. We crossed the road and reached the place. The Arc is in a circular area and is surrounded with gardens on all sides. I was thinking of India Gate at that time. There was a fire lit in the middle of the structure and some people were paying homage to it.

The surrounding area was similar to India Gate. Some people were doing skating around it. We could see armed forces around.


The whole structure was white in colour. By 1960s, it had got very blackened due to vehicular pollution . Then it was bleached between 1965-66.


One can spend some half an hour to admire the structure and take photos.

Nidhi KM