When I got the invite to experience The Residence Maldives at Maldives I was thrilled! I looked at their website and was totally fascinated by the property of The Residence Maldives. I was eagerly waiting to visit the property and experience it!

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The Residence Maldives

After taking three flights and a speed boat, we finally reached the property at night. Staff of the property in the speedboat welcomed us and provided hand towels and welcome drink. It was an experience to have a drink on the speed boat in the ocean.

Service in speed boat

My experience at The Residence Maldives

The whole of The Residence Maldives was beautifully lit with dim lights at night. After greeting with hotel authorities and having refreshing drinks, we headed to our rooms.

It was an altogether different experience to reach the room reason being it was the first time that I was about to stay in a water villa. Villa had a specific  route which was going from land to water and I was amazed to hear the noise of the golf cart on the wooden planks that were laid.

My Room

My room was beautiful! There was a drawing dining, a bed room and a vast bath room.

All threes were overlooking the ocean through wall size glass windows!

The idea of this kind of a room was probably to provide an uninterrupted view of ocean irrespective of your location in the villa.

After freshening up, I called for my golf cart which took me to the dining room.

Next day I woke up to see the beautiful sunrise from my water villa! What an experience! I simply couldn’t resist being out.

Outside my room

It was as if the majestic ocean was inviting me to simply admire its beauty. There were different shades of blue in the sea. Cool breeze was flowing. There was utter silence and I could hear the sound of waves.

I was totally engrossed in the beauty of nature with pure air and serene view. I started meditating as I thought it was the best way to rejuvenate and relax. Didn’t realize and it a time to have breakfast at The Dining Room.

We went to the lagoon from the room. I had to gather courage to get down from villa to seafloor. I was wearing my life jacket and had a discussion with the hotel authorities who assured that it’s totally safe to get down so I was ok. The water was not deep. I was with my friend Neha from Sampan Communications. We went forward a little bit far and enjoyed the overall experience!

Amazing thing was that I was in the sea directly from my room. Feeling of having the room on the ocean was itself ecstatic and when I used to sleep at night in the room wave sounds touched my ears. It was unparalleled and out of the world that I have experienced. I used to get up early morning just to have the ocean view from my drawing room from my bedroom and also from my bathroom.

I would simply get out from my room and sit on the  chair and would simply gaze at the sky and look at ships passing by!


All water villas were on ocean in lagoon. Coming to and from the villa was an experience in itself. One could get breathtaking views of the ocean on the way.

I experienced spa. My masseur was trained and was a great therapist.

After the spa experience I headed for the property round. Beach villa was very nice and if anyone wants to experience the ocean directly from the room, that’s a nice way to enjoy by staying there.

There was a beach bar as well. One can go swimming and enjoy sky and the Panoramic View of pristine waters of Indian Ocean. I spent hours in the swimming pool just gazing out at the natural beauty.

We also went to another island nearby on speed boat. We wanted to see the lifestyle of people in Maldives. It was a great experience to visit there.

Library bar of The Residence Maldives had ocean facing windows. It had a calm environment having ample space to read. There was also a snacks and desserts counter.

All the staff of the hotel had a pleasant smile. They would greet with a positivity. Positivity was radiant at the property. Right from the staff at the reception to the staff that handled our speed boat, everyone was very good.

Special thanks to the General Manager Meenakshi Sundaram and Lynnette for taking our utmost care and ensuring we have a fabulous stay at The Residence Maldives

Overall the stay was a memory of lifetime! I loved being there. Given a chance I would come again to Maldives and will stay in The Residence Maldives again!

Nidhi KM

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