Various clothing and lifestyle showcased in Tribal Museum

Various clothing and lifestyle showcased in Tribal Museum

Tribal Museum houses artifacts and photographs of tribes of Tamil Nadu and Andaman Nicobar Islands. There are many tribe’s tools, clothing, lifestyle depicted in the museum. Kattunayakan is a scheduled tribe in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Kattunayakan means the King of Jungle. This tribe is completely dependent on forest produce like Money, wax, tree barks etc. Kattunayakan worships Lord Shiva. Information board of kattunayakan

Information board of kattunayakan

We went to Tribal Museum as part of sight seeing. It was very interesting to see the museum. The kind of tools, ornaments, utensils used by them are very interesting. Ornaments used are very similar to ethnic wear. Tools like utensils and manual grinder are similar as used in today’s world.

How to reach Tribal Museum

Tribal museum is in Tribal Research Center in Muthorai Palada. It is 11kms away from Ooty on the way to Emerald. One can take a taxi going to Emerald and get crown at the village. You could also go by car.

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Tools and ornaments used by tribes Display at Tribal Museum

Display at Tribal Museum Turtle in the museum

Turtle in the museum Information

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