I was quiet excited to visit La Vanille Nature Park. I knew there would be lots of surprises lined up and indeed there were. 

Viharin.com- La Vanille Nature Park

La Vanille Nature Park

Although there were many things to see at La Vanille Nature Park, I am highlighting top 5 of them.

Top 5 things to see at La Vanille Nature Park 

1. Crocodiles

We were welcomed by crocodiles. They all were bathing in the sun and relaxing. There was no single movement by them. It was quiet amazing to see them motionless. You can see the open mouth of the left crocodile, it is appearing like a statue. It caught my attention as to how some living being can be live and motionless simultaneously with an open mouth for long.

Viharin.com- Crocodiles bathing in sun

Crocodiles bathing in sun

Authorities showed us a baby crocodile. My friends even touched it but I didn’t.

Viharin.com- Baby Crocodile

Baby Crocodile

They then showed us the chameleon. It was feasting away to glory.

Viharin.com- Chameleon


Many bats were around in a cage with other birds. It was a nice sight. Finally, we were able to get a nice pose from a bat.

Viharin.com- Bat posing for us

Bat posing for us

2. Incredible collection of Butterflies

There was another huge section on collection of various shapes, sizes sand vibrant colours of preserved butterflies. These butterflies have been collected across various islands like Mauritius, Madagascar and more. The whole area was very attractive.

Viharin.com- Beautiful butterflies

Beautiful butterflies

Viharin.com- Vibrant colours

Vibrant colours

3. Numerous variants of insects

Moving further, there were different kinds of insects found across various islands. All these things were nicely preserved and neat and clean.

Viharin.com- Different kinds of insects

Different kinds of insects

As we moved around, we saw a green Iguana posing for cameras. She supported us for as while and later went away to the green.

Viharin.com- Green Iguana

Green Iguana

4. Interaction with Tortoise

Soon we went towards a section of tortoise where there was supposed to be our interaction with them. It was a unique experience. We were supposed to feed them with leaves.

Viharin.com- Tortoise eating together

Tortoise eating together

When I started feeding them, so many if them rushed towards me. They were even snatching leaves from each other. Later I found myself standing away from them a little scared which shouldn’t have been the case as everyone else was not afraid at all. So, I finished feeding them and took one nice shot of all of them feasting on leaves.

Viharin.com- Tortoise busy eating

Tortoise busy eating

When we came out if that area, we again got to see many tortoise moving freely outside. They were enjoying their lives.

Viharin.com- Big tortoise

Big tortoise

Viharin.com- Myself posing with tortoise at La Vanille Nature Park

Myself posing with tortoise at La Vanille Nature Park

5. As we went ahead, we entered a museum containing preserved remains of whale fish, shell fishes,

Viharin.com- Anatomy of Whale depicted through real bones

Anatomy of Whale depicted through real bones

Viharin.com- Shells

Shell fish

There were models of Dodo, extinct bird, crocodile skin, tortoise eggs and more. The whole vicinity was providing as different angle to nature. 

Viharin.com- Model of extinct Dodo bird

Model of extinct Dodo bird

Later we went to the restaurant at La Vanille Nature Park and my friends had crocodile meat. They said, it was just like chicken.

It was an altogether a different experience and memories of lifetime.

Highly recommended La Vanille Nature Park of unique concept and hygienic and well kept.

Nidhi KM