At this junction of my life, I am quite interested in religious tourism. Since a few days back, we were planning to visit Mcleod Ganj. Recently I learnt that there are four famous temples enroute Ludhiana to Mcleod Ganj. This recent knowledge of mine made me eager to first hand witness these temples about which I have been hearing since my childhood days. These famous temples are Chintapurni, Kangra Devi, Jwala ji and Chamunda Devi.

Chamunda Devi temple amongst temples enroute Ludhiana to McLeod Ganj

Chamunda Devi temple amongst temples enroute Ludhiana to McLeod Ganj picture credits – Wikipedia

One can easily take two days to visit all the temples. Each temple has its own significance of existence as per Hindu Mythology. So, here you go…

Famous Goddess temples enroute Ludhiana to Mcleod Ganj , Himachal Pradesh

Chintapurni Temple

Significance of Chintapurni temple. This temple is in Una district of Himachal Pradesh is it is interpreted as the severed headed of Sati fell here when Lord Vishnu severed the burning body of Sati into 51 pieces so that Lord Shiva would calm down and stop his Tandav dance. The pieces were scattered over various places in the Indian subcontinent. It is one of the most important 51 Shakti Peeth ( origin of divine power). This temple is 127 km away from Ludhiana

Kangra Devi

Kangra Devi is the spot where when Vishnu divided the body of Satti into 51 parts with his chakra Sati’s left breast fell at this spot. It is said that the original temple was built by Pandavas at the time of MahaBharat.
Kangra Devi is about 80 km away from Chintapurni. It takes about one hour and 45 minutes to reach

Jwala Ji

For Jwala Ji it was Satis’s tongue that fell at the point when Vishnu had severed Sati’s burning body in 51 pieces.
Distance between Jwalaji and Kangra Devi is about 60 km and would take around one hour 20 minutes to reach.

Chamunda Devi

Chamunda Devi is believed to be to have appeared from the frown of benign Goddess Parvati to kill Demons Chanda and Munda
Distance between Jwala Ji and Chamunda Devi is about 72 km and it is approximately two hours away

I wish to visit all four temples and experience the divine presence in reality! Will soon wrote about my experiences there if my wish to visit these comes true!

In case you have experiences of any of these temples or wish to add more temples in the list’ kindly comment in the comments section! Feedback appreciated!! Jai Mata Di!!

Nidhi KM