United Coffee House

United Coffee House

United Coffee House (UCH) established since 1942 stands valiantly in Connaught Place sustaining its legacy of signature dishes and magnificient ambiance. UCH has been the pioneer of specialization in Regional India, Continental and Oriental specialties mastered over years of dedication and experience by its promoters and team members. This restaurant was established considering the need to strike the opportunity to provide a fine dining and luxurious experience to the elite class, bureaucrats, rich businesssmen. Many political strategies and discussions have begun at this opportune outlet. Film stars used to discuss films at United Coffee House. Having heard so many success stories, I consider this place to be propitious to begin a new venture.

Ambiance at United Coffee House

Ambiance at United Coffee House

As a child I used to visit United Coffee House many times and had faded memories. My parents used to visit this place during their courtship. I always had an impression of United Coffee House as one restaurant where people can have a regal dining experience and discussions at this luxurious outlet while relishing delectable food. Whenever as kids we visited this restaurant, it used to be a sophisticated affair.

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Another view

I was planning for lunch at United Coffee House with friends since long but somehow was not able to due to our busy schedules. Finally, we three friends were able to decide on the date. We reached UCH around noon on a sunny day. United Coffee House had an elegant face to it. As I entered all my childhood memories revived.The feeling of attachment with a place creeped in.


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Beautiful interiors

With grand furniture and exotic setting, this restaurant clearly reflected its signature ambiance sustained since 1942. Beautiful chandeliers with carvings on the roof were appealing. The restaurant was busy with people having discussions. There was a bar in front. United Coffee House has two floors. The first floor was totally occupied. Staff was wearing formal uniform. Whole ambiance was elegant and sophisticated. Oriental, colonial and old world décor, Victorian setting of this landmark eatery ,a 175 seater was designed by an American designer. Fish cutlet

Fish cutlet

Food and drinks Presentation of Syrian Chicken Kebabs Presentation of Syrian Chicken Kebabs

Menu was vast starting from signature dishes, to regional Indian, to Oriental, Mediterranean, Western,European and Asian. As snacks, we savored Keema Samosa which was sumptuous and luscious. It had no extra oil. Although a bit spicy but I loved it. Then was turn of fish cutlet which was lip smacking. I enjoyed it with the sauce. Cutlet had appropriated spices to entice my taste buds. It was also not at all oily. It melted in my mouth as my palette embraced it. Syrian chicken kebabs

Syrian chicken kebabs

I had ordered Syrian Chicken kebabs. It was served with a peculiar form of rice. It was a creative presentation. As I had the first bite of it, I could not resist eating more. Although my stomach was full but I wanted to indulge in it. It was an awesome dish. I recommended my friends to try it out. They too relished it. Golgappa shots were mouthwatering too.

Island mocktail was a great breather. It was a good quantity which lasted till my last bite of the meal. Dishes too had large portions. Enticing coffee

Enticing coffee

Finale was done with Konna Coffee which was nicely presented in an innovative way which lured me.


Staff was highly courteous and non interfering. They had an eye on our needs from a distance but never interrupted us. So, while being away, they ensured all our requirements were met pro-actively.

Overall, it was not just a dine out, it was an experience. The staff allowed us enough gap in between courses so we were able to enjoy every bite of our lunch. We did not even realize how we passed good 3 hours at lunch. It was indeed a regal treat at the luxury of our time.

About United Coffee House

United Coffee House in 1942 came as an interactive Coffee House which created its clientage sewn together with cosmopolitan gentry all ranging from different culture but one passion, to spend time in an environment which gave them liberty to be themselves and savour leisurely treatment and follow a distinctive culinary journey. It is an epitome and witness to the changing food culture of Delhi for more than six decades now. Starting from introducing fine dining concept which now it boasts of, food connoisseurs designate it as an institution and a prominent food address.

As the name suggests, United Coffee House has a special coffee menu with its inhouse coffee blenders making coffee drinking time for its guests, a unique and memorable experience. Having been listed in most of the travel guides across the world, it is regularly showcased as a must visit in the National Geographic’s Lonely Planet Travel Guide. It has also been voted in the best 100 restaurants in Delhi by India Today’s Daily tabloids. The latest laurel earned by the United Coffee house is to be included in the list of 50 must visit restaurants of Delhi by the Hindustan Times. The consistent presence of this institution in the culinary world marks a milestone.