Our trip to Disneyland Paris- Day full of lifetime memories

Disneyland Paris is the first ever adventure park of Disneyland in the world.

We were all thrilled to visit Disneyland! It was like my dream come true!

We entered the dream world and kid’s excitement knew no bounds.

They were dancing and jumping around. We got our passes. The whole area of Disneyland Paris is vast. There are […]

Comfortable stay at Hotel Movenpick in Amsterdam

After a beautiful day in Amsterdam, we were to stay at Hotel Movenpick at night.

Ambiance at Hotel Movenpick Amsterdam
I was looking forward to my stay there. Movenpick is a good brand and is a trusted one. The property was exactly what I had expected. At the entrance was lobby and little lounge with bright seating […]

Vatican City, the place to visit for peace and calmness

Since my childhood, I had heard a lot about Vatican City. We only got to get the feel of the city. The population of Vatican City is only 1000 as per 2017 census.

Have also heard that its the smallest country in the world. Well, one fine day, I was going to visit that country! It was a […]