Things to do at Colosseum, Rome in just half an hour

Have you seen the Bollywood movie – Jeans’s song- Ajooba having scenes of Colosseum. Most of the sites in song are amongst wonders of the world. I used to always admire those locations. Never thought that one day I will be visiting one of them in Europe! Indeed, a feeling of visiting a site where […]

Grand Finale of our trip at Mercure Roma West , Rome

After all the roaming around in Europe across 7-8 countries and commute in bus all through, one gets tired. Isn’t it? But you know, we loved that tiredness. Sleep used to hug us immediately whenever we hit beds. Kids and we used to love running around through the day and we used to retire to […]

Meet the past in present and see the future at Time Elevator in Rome

Rome was not built in a day! This is the saying that I have been hearing since my childhood. Roman Civilization is the oldest civilization is what I used to study in my history books. Now I was going to see Rome with my eyes and that too with my family!!! There were three important […]