Scenic views on the way from Austria to Italy

In this post, I am posting only the beautiful views on the way from Austria to Italy. Austria is a great country to be at for its natural beauty. I have also heard a lot about the beauty of Italy. We wnet to Italy by bus from Austria and enjoyed every view on the way.

Putting […]

See the beauty of London through London Eye by the river Thames

My little son is very apprehensive of heights. May be he is small and hence tries to run away from heights. By God’s grace, I and my elder son don’t mind heights. My husband surely gives company to my little son. So, whenever, we are on trips or excursions, I love the grouping of my […]

Review- Hotel Meditur, Pisa- Italy

Hotel Meditur in Pisa is a 4* property with two lawns in front and an open air seating restaurant. The property is short distance away from historic sites of Tuscany like Pisa, Lucca and Florence. There are many popular beaches of Versilia a few kms away.
* This is a short and sweet article explaining about […]