There is ample advice on solo women travellers. I have seen very few articles on solo men travellers. Men are vulnerable too! If not taken care, they too can fall in a trap. I have written points on solo men travellers safety after discussing with few men. Please feel free to add more points in the comments section.

Solo men travellers should be watchful

Solo men travellers should be watchful

Safety tips for solo men travellers

  1. Beware of pickpockets as men usually have a habit of keeping wallets in pockets.
  2. Divide the money in 3/4 places for back up in case a theft happens. Avoid carrying too much cash.
  3. Avoid eye contact with strangers as many people hypnotise instantly when get eye contact
  4. Don’t give lift to strangers
  5. Don’t go overboard in drinking as it may invite unwanted scenes and impact to reputation. Also, if you drink, ensure to make cab arrangements. Before leaving the venue, drink should be downed with a glass of lemonade.
  6. Avoid getting in any fights as it may directly impact your transportation back to the home town.
  7. Don’t react immediately in any situation. First of all calm down and give thought.
  8. Keep your first aid box hand
  9. Be adventurous but in limits so that you know risk factor.
  10. Don’t drink coffee/tea/alcohol before boarding the flight. It will exaggerate dehydration.
  11. Be aware of local customs before inviting women to events/lunches/dinners.

Nidhi KM