Content is the key, Secret sauce to success is content, I hear many such proverbs since the time I have started writing! Although I have been reading a lot, but more is less . I would say in this field! So, as I got an opportunity to attend the Content Marketing Summit Asia 2017 at Westin Gurgaon, I didn’t want to miss. There were some great speakers coming from across the world and brands who were supposed to talk about content.

Content Marketing Summit Asia 2017 Content Marketing Summit Asia 2017

My inclination was towards travel content speaker and latest trends that brands were following to get more and more audiences attached to their brands. The event was presented by Sirez and is Powered By LinkedIn. I attended full session by Myntra Group. As per the speaker, storytelling x strong human insights= blockbuster content. Right influencers at right time can drive 5x effectiveness. Storytelling is the key. She shared that if content is good, people will see it. As an example, there was an ethnic brand for modern Indian women. They played a digital add showcasing that beauty is about taking bold decisions. Powerful content markets itself. Credible influencers and celeb associations also drive a lot of engagements.

As per the Lauren Quaintance, Co-Founder and Head of Content, Storyation, context makes all the difference. User friendly, inspiring and timely content makes all the difference. There has to be a connection with consumers to inspire to take a trip.

Presentation by Lauen Quaintance

Presentation by Lauren Quaintance

Content can be adapted for global markets. One should look for areas that don’t have enough content.

Content landscape is changing. 347 blog posts are being published every minute. Social bragging plays an important role. As competition has increased exponentially, engagement is going down.

Based on my interaction with Mr. R.P. Singh, Chairperson and Producer, Content Marketing Summit, content is of use if it inspires customers. End users should get excited about it.

To my questions-

How Travel content fares in the industry ?
He said travel fares in terms of percentage is one of the heaviest producers of content in the overall marketing fraternity because as a user when I’m looking to travel, I’m planning to book my travel the first thing I do is consume content and then I book the trip. Lot of content is producd there in the online travel world. There is a 45 day period specially with Indians who wish to save money on flights and hotel bookings. So in 45 days a travel company has opportunities to engage with you. Whether thge person is exploring the weather or is trying to compare hotels or trying to see what to do in a city one. People who do not want to do touristy things who just want to go to places lesser known.

How has the journey been so far? 

R.P. had been realizing the need for content marketing as the response rates on digital advertising was dropping and people were not interested. When you land on a page there has to be something to engage people. He planned to do something on content. The first conference was done in Delhi which had a good response. That was followed by Mumbai , then there was no looking back. Last edition had 350 attendees which was even better.

Nidhi KM