Does it sound cliched and even redundant when you hear stay hydrated on the GO or have more water when you’re travelling? Then there are a lot of tips and statements going around on how you should have water only when you’re thirsty and your body indicates and lets you know when it needs water. Well, this blog will put to rest all these myths and explain all the statements you hear these days. We’re gonna talk about how water and hydration is more important than usual when you’re travelling. We’ll throw in a few tips to staying hydrated and have more fluids on the go.

Some of us have small bladders and even infrequent thirsts but while travelling you must pay special attention to the water content you’re consuming, the weather conditions and the duration of the trip.

Did you know you should always travel on a lighter stomach? This means that you shouldn’t eat a lot and fill yourself on a road trip especially when you’re going to the hills. Those of us with motion sickness have to pay heavily for it. The solution is to carry light snacks and eat lighter food. But water is something you must have adequately. Whether you’re travelling to a hotter climate or you’re in air-conditioned cars all the time, our body loses water as we perspire and travel for longer duration. You must keep sipping on water throughout the journey. It hydrates your body and keeps you refreshed.

How to Stay Hydrated?

  1. Try to at least carry two water bottles with you. Stainless steel insulated water bottles that keep liquids colder for longer are the best ones for travelling. At a pit stop, you can always refill your own water bottle for the rest of the journey. This is environment-friendly as well. Most hotels have RO Purified water in their lobbies. For your home and daily purposes, if you haven’t already, you must invest in one of the Best RO Water purifiers in India. Drinking adequate water is a job only half done. Most of the stomach infections arise because of contaminated water. While travelling, it is really annoying if you fall sick. This way, you can carry pure water for your journey and don’t have to rely on unknown water sources. Pure RO Water is also the safest option for children. Their immunities can get compromised easily.
  2. If you’re going on a road trip, you can carry your own cooler and bring with you multiple bottles of RO Purified water, fresh juices, etc.
  3. You should also pack some fresh fruit in with you. This is a great alternative to sodas. Sodas aren’t healthy and fruits are always better than fizzy drinks.
  4. If you’re travelling on airplanes, you know that you can get very dehydrated and your skin becomes dry and flaky. Air conditioning also strips your skin of moisture and is bad for you. You can combat this by sipping on water every hour.
  5. Travelling means lots of walking, hiking and being on foot for more than 12 hours a day. Of course, you’re going to take refreshment breaks in between. But you must remember to carry water bottles and sipping on water throughout the day. A great way to know if you’re not having enough water is if your urine is yellow in colour. As opposed to the popular belief, sticking to 8 glass water rule is not mandatory. But an ideal adult should have about 2-4 litres of water that accounts for activity. If you’re sweating a lot and staying active while on vacation, you must have more water than usual. If you’re having alcohol on a holiday, that’s totally fine if you have water in between your drinks and have extra water the morning after. Water is a great way to avoid hangovers too. If you’re having a lot of caffeine and loading up on coffees throughout the day, you must stay hydrated because coffee and tea can be diuretics and cause dehydration. Children should also be encouraged to have water if they’re walking in the sun as dehydration can make anyone seriously ill.

Most importantly, have fun on your vacation. You don’t have to stick to any rules but not forget that your body needs replenishment and hydration throughout. Take a break from work but not from hydration.