While many people in this world still think that being a mother is a hindrance to the career growth but I think totally differently! Mothers specially travelling Mother influencers have got an edge! While I say that it doesn’t at all mean that others have less! Others have an upper edge in their own situations! I want to bring about the points that can help travelling Mother influencers be more successful while being with kids!

Why travelling Mother influencers have an upper edge?

1. Kids right from age two start speaking their minds. They have their own opinions about food, place and almost everything they experience! Even if they don’t speak up but their actions and reactions tell everything. There are many food joints that lure kids and pay special attention to kids menu. So, ladies apart from what you do normally in your travel niche you must take your kids along to such restaurants ( that have a USP for being kids friendly) and observe about how happy your kids are. This can be a strong feedback for the food joint. So, start taking up those opportunities.

2. Mostly all hospitality brands are focussing these days on kids entertainment and comfort. When I had recently reviewed Westin Sohna, every time we used to return to our room, there was a surprise awaiting for kids like chocolates, jelly beans or something written with a silver ink on the leaf. These memories get etched in kids mind and they become loyal guests to such brands when they grow up!

3. There are so many travel destinations that have a perception of being a couple destination. But they also have such sightseeing packages that are fit for families. Take your kids to such destinations and ensure to record their reactions. If destinations are selling themselves as a kids or family destination then you travelling mother influencers have an opportunity to see live reactions and present them on social media. This in turn helps promote the destination.

Travelling Mother influencer with kids at Vijay Vilas Palace, Mandvi, Gujarat

Travelling Mother influencer with kids at Vijay Vilas Palace, Mandvi, Gujarat

4. Many malls have kids centric sections that they keep promoting. So you have got fantastic reasons to tap such opportunities.

5. Travel products reviews can also have opinions from kids. Be it a stereo speaker or a handbag, kids will have some reaction of these.

Kids rule the world and are future decision makers for the country in various aspects! So leverage these Godgifted resources and give voice to their opinions while tapping more and more opportunities rather than shying away.

P.S> This article is written with an intention to encourage women having kids to keep continue doing what they are as a travel influencer. There is no intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

Nidhi KM