I have always been inspired by Prerna Sinha, the owner of MaaOfAllBlogs. Since the time I have joined online media industry, Prerna influences me by either her fitness posts or be it kids related. Off late she has done few stupendous things that have made me have a formal interaction with this brave lady and even write about her adventures. First she did a trip to chilling Iceland then she did Everest Base Camp and very recently she summit ted Kilimanjaro. So, here is the inspirational story of the lady.

Hiking in Iceland All photo credits- Prerna Sinha

What was the inspiration behind mountain climbing?

I have been a beach person always. In fact, I never liked holidaying in the mountains as I was motion sick and by the time I would reach where we would be staying, I would be sick in the stomach which dimmed the entire experience. My trek in Iceland happened because my friends planned it and invited me to join in. I went with no expectations. We had to trek and had to be away from the comforts of life. Treks are not for everyone, you can’t dress up well, you learn to live with the basics and appreciate small things in life. The toughest is to live without the phone or connectivity. But good company helped me in my adventure in Iceland. There was no wildlife and very limited people. I felt connect with the nature. I felt, this is for me. When we finished our trek at SKogafoss falls, which is one of the biggest falls of Iceland, that was it! ! I would dream of the mountains for months after coming back. So when a friend asked me to join her in the Oxfam trail walker trip, I said yes, without blinking an eye. Oxfam Trailwalker needs a team of four and all of us had to walk 100 km on a trail, sign in  10 posts under 48 hours to complete it. It was very challenging mentally and physically exhausting. I remember we kept walking from 6.30 am till next day 6.30 am with only 2 hours break and then continued till we finished late in the night. We walked through the jungle in the night, got blisters, needed physiotherapy but our resolve was undeterred. After every achievement, there is a sense of elation. I think that and the love for mountains got me hooked.

Oxfam Ttail Walker Mumbai

Oxfam Ttail Walker Mumbai

What inspired you to reach Everest Base Camp and how was the experience?

I was turning 40 and I wanted to celebrate it with something special,  and then one day, inspiration came and I decided to do the Everest Base Camp. Everest Base Camp was a beautiful trek. You walk through pretty villages and the Himalayas are just gorgeous. The scenery completely changes after Labouche and its almost serene.

View from Kal Pathar- Photo Credits Prerna Sinha

View from Kal Pathar- Photo Credits Prerna Sinha

It was an amazing experience. I trekked with people from all walks and  age groups. We had  young 69 and 71-year-olds walking with us. They started trekking post their retirements and that inspired me even more. EBC takes around  13-14 days and every day the view is inspiring. We had to walk a lot each day. Your lungs get effected due to exposure to high altitude for a long period.  All through the trek there are tea houses which provide Indian food and you get actual beds to sleep on. While facilities are basic, you start appreciating them as it’s warmer than sleeping in a tent. You end up walking 8-10 kms everyday and reach the base camp around the 8th day. The next day you attempt the Kala Pathar summit.

Everest Base Camp- Prerna Sinha

Everest Base Camp- Prerna Sinha

What was your experience with recent climb to  Kilimanjaro ? What kept you going?

Everything you do in life is a mental game. I believe in ‘Jo Karna hai Vo karna hai , chahe mar Bhi rahe ho’. It was monotonous but I kept going with the vision of reaching the top. I took the Rongai route which is a 7 day trek. Every other day is reasonably easy to walk except the summit night and day. In one night you climb up 1100 mtrs from Kibo huts and then descent around 1400 mtrs to camp. It takes around 16-21 hours based on your speed. You are fighting for sleep and have to concentrate on the trail which feels endless. A summit requires a different kind of a push. I think it was the mountain Gods that made it possible for me. Another thing you learn on treks is that you are nothing but a spec in front of the mountains and that always humbles me.

Mt. Kilimanjaro

What is your daily inspiration?

My daily inspiration is ‘Jo Karna hai Vo karna hai’. Once a decision is taken , there is no holding back. I think about the results of what my hard work will achieve. Thinking about results gets me going.

We wish the best of best to Prerna Sinha in all her endeavors. Keep rising and keep inspiring with the ‘Karna hai to karna hai ‘ attitude. This liner resonates with me as I keep hearing this from my father. I strongly believe in these lines. Hearing the same from my very good friend is like a great connection in heart and mind. All the best Prerna once again.

Nidhi KM