As we reached Bali from Flores, I and my friend Hitasha Mehra were very eager to visit Legian Beach. Since we had very less time on us , we decided to visit the beach early morning. We started from our hotel- Mercure Legian at 6.30. It was only a 10 minutes walk from our hotel. There was a sort of entrance to the beach depicting the typical culture, art and designs of Bali. The gate impressed me. Entrance to Legian Beach

Entrance to Legian Beach

Every nook and corner I visited in Bali always reminded me of Indian culture. So, I always felt at home in Bali. Coming back to the gate. We reached the beach and it was a pleasant morning. Legian Beach

Legian Beach

Waters of sea were beautiful. We could see people jumping on coming waves. People strolling around

People strolling around

A little ahead, some people were surfing and it was a phenomenal site. I was seeing water surfing for the first time and was trying to estimate my ability to do water surfing. People playing with waves

People playing with waves

We were told by our friend Deepak Acharya to visit Kuta Beach but we didn’t have time and kept it for next time visit. Kuta beach is a great beach for water surfing. Water Surfing

Water Surfing

I captured many moments of surfing at Legian Beach. People doing water surfing

People doing water surfing

Hitasha and I decided to taste coconut water. They were such huge and satiating coconuts. Very refreshing. At the Legian Beach

At the Legian Beach

After sipping our drinks, we again went to the sea, it was so irresistible!! Waves were quite high. Lovely view

Lovely view

Then we decided to leave. On the way back, we saw shops opening. People were preparing for the day. Morning greetings to God were being done. All that was so Indian with a difference that we in India put the aggarbatti in temple. In Bali, people filled a leaf bowl with some grains, sweets, vegetables etc and topped it with aggarbattis. Wall of wave

Wall of wave

I did some window shopping and we rushed to our hotel to get ready for the day. Breathtaking view at Legian Beach

Breathtaking view at Legian Beach

One should definitely visit Legian Beach if staying in hotels on Jl. Melasti Road. There were more hotels on the road. A close watch on surfing

A close watch on surfing Refreshing site of Water Surfing

Refreshing site of Water Surfing