It was around 5.30pm when we reached Jwala Ji from Chintpurni Mata. It was a drive of maximum one hour. The route to Jwala Ji was very nice and full of greenery. The weather was also very nice. On the way to Jwala Ji

On the way to Jwala Ji

After parking our car at the stand, we took an auto. Auto dropped us near the Jwala Ji Bhavan complex. We reached the complex in next two minutes. There was huge rush so, it took us some time to reach the main temple.

Jwala Jim entrance

Jwala Ji entrance



In the main temple, before I saw anything, I could feel the hot floor. The floor was warm enough to be able to stand barefeet. There are seven jyotis/ flames in that main temple. The very first jyot we saw was oozing out of the rock and continuously flowing upwards. That is called the Main jyot. It is thin but long jyot. It took me some time to identify it. But it was as if Goddess or devi maa personified in jyot. The jyot very much resembles flames of gas stove just that the height of jyot is more and extend upto one foot. Then there was another very strong and big jyot. Pandits were worshipping there and all pilgrims including us bowed there. It was a very different feeling. I felt very close to devi Maa. Looking at the crowd and after talking to few people we realized that the crowd at the temple had come from various parts of India. Bhawan complex

Bhawan complex

I was overwhelmed with feelings and emotions that cannot be explained. It is also said that if a if you pass on that flame in a bowl full full of water the flame comes there as well but the bowl doesn’t heat up at all. Its so wonderful. I have never seen anywhere. As per the legends, it is said that once a cow never used to give milk. The milkman upon chasing the cow found that cow gives her whole milk at this place, when it was discovered about existence of these seven jyots. When this news reached the King Akbar, he tried to extinguish these jyots putting tons and tons of water. But the flames never extinguished. Later he realised about thes existence of a super natural power. He then presented golden shade (chhatra) to the Godess. But, it is said that although as per Akbar he had presented golden chhatra. But the actual metal could not be determined in laboratory. Per legends when burnt body of Sati Mata was divided into 51 parts by Vishnu, her tongue fell at this place.Since then those jyots are burning. Chhatra presented to Devi Maa

Chhatra presented to Devi Maa


The euphoria there was magnanimous. Then we went to the temple which is now in the part of the same complex where we saw years old Chhatra which was presented to Devi Maa. There is a big idol of Devi Maa there and people could click photographs.

Devi Maa

We felt blessed and contented to visit the temple.

Nidhi KM