Everyone wants a seamless travel. Money is the last thing that one wants to bother about. One has to be careful in money matters specially in foreign land. Wondering how you’ll handle your money abroad while being at peace! Thankfully, there are plenty of tried and tested tips to keep your mind at ease when considering your budget.

Here are just a few tips to make accessing your money abroad a whole lot easier

Convert before you go



It’s arguably the best way to go about accessing your money abroad – consider converting it before you even go. Exchange rates are usually always much better on the high street at home than they are both in the airport or abroad, as these vendors seize the opportunity to charge more when they know you need the money the most. And sometimes, converting abroad is more dangerous than you may expect – Bali’s money changers, for example, are renowned for their sneaky tricks that could leave you out of pocket.

However, exchange rates fluctuate extremely often depending on both the value of your home currency and the one you’re trying to convert it into. The Telegraph recommends planning ahead instead of leaving it until the last minute to understand the trends of the market.

Ensure your card can be used

If you’re planning on using your credit or debit card when abroad, make sure it is international. If it is, get in touch with your bank to let them know in advance where you’re going, so that they don’t stop access to your account as you’re withdrawing money abroad . Some banks will allow you to do this process quickly and easily online – do so in advance so that you don’t forget.

Choose to pay in their native currency


Generic Payment Credit Сard

When you use your card abroad, you’re sometimes prompted on machines to choose whether you want to pay in your native currency – whether it be pounds, dollars or the like – or the currency of your current location. Opt for the latter. Choosing to pay in your normal currency will likely lead to an inflated cost due to the conversion.

Get a pre-paid card

If you’re the kind of traveller who does not know when or how to stop the spending on holiday, this could be the perfect option for you. A pre-paid card gives you tight control over your spending with a strict converted amount of money, also coming with a locked-in rate – so make sure to get it at the right time.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you’ll find that this pre-paid card works in exactly the same way as a debit card. Simply use it to withdraw cash or pay on chip and PIN machines with no issue.

Don’t carry massive amounts of cash


Phat Wad, Break me off some

For your own safety, it’s terribly important you aren’t carrying around massive wads of cash wherever you go, especially in places such as Southeast Asia and South America. You’ll stand out to opportunists and will therefore be more likely to become a victim of theft or pickpocketing. Ensure there’s a locked safe or somewhere to stow your converted cash in your hotel or accommodation, so that you don’t have to carry around the entirety of your budget wherever you go.

Money is the thing you will rely on the most when travelling, so you have every reason to prepare carefully and in advance. The above tips will ensure your budget will be kept safe and secure, and you can rest easy on your travels knowing so!

Content credits Ivy Oliver

Photo credits – Flickr