See the beauty of London through London Eye by the river Thames

My little son is very apprehensive of heights. May be he is small and hence tries to run away from heights. By God’s grace, I and my elder son don’t mind heights. My husband surely gives company to my little son. So, whenever, we are on trips or excursions, I love the grouping of my […]

Photographs of Lake Zurich and surrounding area in Switzerland

There are so many things to do in Switzerland. One of the famous points is Lake Zurich.

I didn’t know that the lake is so beautiful. It’s water is clear blue and pure.

It feeds Zurich. When we reached, we saw beautiful boats in the lake.

There were ducks.

This post mainly provides photographs of the lake and surrounding […]

Add Soy Protein to your diet and add better health to your life- DuPont

DuPont had organised an event on Soy Protein and it’s benefits at courtyard by Marriott in Gurgaon on 29th September . Proteins are essential for our body building. They play a vital role in muscle health. With increased demand of proteins, the animal derived proteins are going to be insufficient to cater to the world […]