As an avid traveler, I am on the go every few days and love to enjoy scenaries, destinations, hotels, resorts, restaurants and food. I also love to capture those remarkable and unforgettable moments of life. Whether I travel solo or with family, I keep working and clicking new photographs, writing my experiences and updating content on my social media channels. So, I consume all the battery of my phone and my camera’s while completing my tasks. For all this I need to be fully equipped every time I travel. When I say equipped, I mean gadgets wise. I need to ensure all my phones, cameras and battery backups are completely charged and storage space is available so that I can work uninterrupted. So, before I went to Europe, my 15 days tour with family, I wanted to ensure I don’t run out of battery and storage space in my camera and phone. I was looking for a reliable alternative for a 15-16 days tour. It was coincidental that I was approached to review the WD My Passport Wireless Pro.

WD My Passport Wireless Pro

WD My Passport Wireless Pro


Bingo! Here I was with 1 Terabytes memory space with a full battery backup up to 10 hours. Wow! What more could have I asked for!!

While familiarizing myself with the device before I took off, it was so simple to work with. It is a square shaped black colored device with rounded corners and a plastic covering. Talking about the size, it is 5 inches long, 5 inches breadthwise and 0.9 inches thick. Total weight of device is about 390 grams.  It is a portable storage device that required minimal space in my cabin luggage. Since it is a wireless device, it also helped me offload and edit content on-the-go by saving time with the SD 3.0 card reader.

On the trip, I used this My Passport Wireless Pro many times:

  1. With the feature of a built-in power bank of 6,400 mAh, it was easy for me to charge my phones battery as distances were long as we moved from country to country in Europe.
  2. And since we had to click 8/9 countries in 15 days trip, we required a huge storage space to store all the data. My mobile was packed with photos from previous trips as well, so I transferred some of the videos and photographs to the WD My Passport Wireless Pro using the My Cloud mobile app.
  3. It’s compatible with PCs and Mac products as well.

This was very convenient for me as I could backup many mobile pictures and videos as well.

My Passport Wireless Pro is Creative Cloud connected through the My Cloud mobile app which can easily be downloaded from the App Store.  It is an interactive software that tells how much storage space is left in My Passport Wireless Pro and I could easily manage my files that I transferred from my phone. I was carefree as the hard drive had 1 terabytes of storage space.

I used to charge our phones at least thrice a day and My Passport Wireless Pro was a big support for that.

My Passport Wireless Pro is designed to work seamlessly with mobile devices, and a 3.0 SD card reader built-in, you get an all-in-one drive to streamline your workflow. It is built with 802.11ac technology, which enables it to be a fast performer, smooth streaming, wireless image transfers from a compatible camera and quick editing with a connected tablet or laptop.

Package Includes

  • My Passport Wireless Pro Devices
  • USB cable
  • USB power adapter
  • Quick Install Guide

Best thing I liked was that it had a travel friendly adapter to suit to UK and European countries as well.

Package of My Passport Wireless Pro

Package of My Passport Wireless Pro


How to operate My Passport Wireless Pro:

  1. Switch on the device with a long press on the power button till the blue light starts blinking
  2. Install My Cloud App from Play store
  3. You will see My Passport Wireless Pro under ‘Manage Devices and Services’ tab
  4. The system will ask for the password which is provided with the device
  5. As both get connected you can see the dashboard where you can know about the storage space and the files that you want to manage


Benefits of My Passport Wireless Pro

  1. Since it has got USB 3.0 speed, it has super-fast file transferring speed
  2. You need to carry just one device and get rid of other extra noise and hence your travel is lighter.
  3. You can edit and share your media with My Passport Wireless Pro wirelessly. When combined with the My Cloud mobile app, you get anywhere access to files stored on the drive through your tablet or smartphone.
  4. Use My Passport Wireless Pro along with Plex to enrich your Media with descriptions, summaries, film posters and more while wirelessly streaming media to a Smart TV, smartphone, or any other supported device with Plex.

It is truly a travel friendly device that I can rely on for many trips of mine.

I would highly recommend this device. Thanks, Western Digital for sending this.

Nidhi KM