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Rock Caves Khambhalida – Buddhist caves

After settling in hotel Heritage Khirasara Palace, we had to rush through 70 kms to reach Buddhist caves  Khambhalida in Rajkot.

As we reached through lush green rocky area, we were delighted to feel freshness of the area.

Finally after a long drive, we reached our destination. Entering through the gate and getting downstairs did I realize […]

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Never miss Kesar Kyari Bagh n Amer Fort , Jaipur

View of Kesar Kyari Bagh from Amer Fort is beautiful. It is so mesmerizing that one can just stand for hours at the window of Amer Fort and simply gaze the area. I have been to Amer Fort thrice. I am so fascinated by the view that if I go the fourth time, I won’t […]

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Fascinating views on the way to Amer Fort

Although I have been to Jaipur six seven times, but every time I visit, I get an altogether new experience. It is like I can never have enough of Jaipur. Amer Fort is a gem of Jaipur that is full of treasure for discoveries for travellers like me. I can never get tired of seeing […]

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