National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary experiences around the world

Sariska Tiger reserve, an easy access to wildlife!

I went to Sariska Tiger Reserve for the second time.

There are three reasons to it- a.) We were staying at Neemrana Fort Kesroli which was only about 50kms away from Sariska b.) We wanted to show wildlife to kids while their memory is growing as in our first trip they were too young to remember […]

Top 11 wildlife sanctuaries or National Parks of India

India is a great country having many hill stations, deserts, beaches rivers! The destination that teaches the world about yoga, Ayurveda and spiritually, is also a treasure of wild life, herbs and so much more! These herbs are used in many medicinal treatments. Flora and fauna of India is unique in its own way.  Wildlife […]

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Dibru Saikhowa National Park, Assam

Last time when I visited Assam, my trip was only limited to Kaziranga due to time constraints. These days as I am working on a project on Dibru Saikhowa National Park. As I see unparalleled photographs of birds and animals there, I am so fascinated to visit the place. Thought to write an article on […]

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