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Top 5 beach destinations in India

I am a beach lover. Given a choice, I always prefer beach destinations. The sight of sea, waves and fresh sound along with water sport activities refresh my senses instantly. The trip becomes even more successful if my room faces the ocean. I love the view of sea all day. Till date I have been to multiple beaches. Although I would not say I have visited many beaches but have visited enough to be able to give my preferences to fellow travellers.
If one is only on a beach trip to India then one must visit below top 5 beach destinations .
Top 5 beach destinations in India
Top 5 beach destinations in India are Port Blair, Kerala, Goa, Diu and Visakhapatnam. Below are little details of all.


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In the morning by Legian Beach, Bali

As we reached Bali from Flores, I and my friend Hitasha Mehra were very eager to visit Legian Beach. Since we had very less time on us , we decided to visit the beach early morning. We started from our hotel- Mercure Legian at 6.30. It was only a 10 minutes walk from our hotel. […]

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Breathtaking views of Indian Ocean from Mauritius

When you go to Mauritius where you get the second purest air in the world, you know why skies are so clear and Indian Ocean looks so beautiful.

There are many places in Mauritius from where one could have breathtaking views of Indian Ocean.

On the way to Chamarel, we went to a view point from where […]

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