Famous ancestral traditional food joints of Delhi

Food is the essence of India. Delhi is full of foodies. When it comes to Punjabis, they mostly talk about food and it’s joints. Although in today’s time, many new restaurants and dhabas have come up. But there are few traditional food joints of Delhi that are in public demand even today. A very interesting […]

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How to prepare Lasagne … By Vidya Murthi

Vidya Murthi is a talented woman who is a┬áHomemaker, teacher, mother, wife, artist,movie junkie and a big big foodie who loves to cook and love to eat and serve. She is a super positive source of energy and a strong bond strengthening her family by the day. Vidya’s passion for cooking reflects in the final […]

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Have you ever tried Uttapam with Chole?

When I used to work with American Express, there used to be a tradition of pot luck lunch when everyone would bring their cuisine speciality food item and it would be shared across the team. My team used to be big and its members were from various parts of India. Pot luck lunches used to […]

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