This Women’s Day I would love to talk about The Lady with rock solid determination! The one who has inspired lakhs of Indian women! The one who keeps going towards her goal, come what may! The soul that proves – God helps those who help themselves! Yes, I am talking about Sangeeta S Bahl, 53  who has taken birth to inspire, to exemplify, to tell the world, if a woman decides, no one can stop her!

Sangeeta S Bahl

Sangeeta S Bahl

Last year I had interacted with Sangeeta S Bahl when she was to climb the highest of all , Mount Everest. That was the time when I realised that there is so much potential even in me and I can do so much. I was so full with positive energy and enthusiasm after talking to this ‘divine’ lady. I got to know that she had prepared so much for the Everest and had even torn her right knee’s  ligament which she got operated later. But, soon after four months of rest and physiotherapy, she stood up again to climb more mighty mountains to prepare for Everest. Sangeeta was very positive and hence her positivity led her to scale more mountains and finally she was fit enough to climb Mount Everest.

Mount Everest and Lhotse as taken from the Mountain flight in Nepal

She had climbed  23,500 ft Camp III Lhotse face when she had to be rescued back  due to high altitude sickness.

Climbing on Lhotse face Everest

Sangeeta climbing Lhotse Face Everest

Nevertheless, Sangeeta took this as a learning experience. She was also awarded by the President of India.  With all her multiplied strength and positive attitude , strong determination along with killer instinct, Sangeeta has again stood up and is raring to climb the Mount Everest in 2018 starting 28th March. She is the only Indian amongst 12 people who are going to the expedition this year.

Route taken in 2017 as per Sangeeta S Bahl Instagram profile

Sangeeta has had many obstacles in life but she has always taken them as challenges and come out glorified! I am totally inspired by Sangeeta and have incorporated few positive changes in my life learning from her.

In the mission Everest, 2018, Sangeeta is being partially supported by The Tata Memorial Hospital for the cause of Breast Cancer. Tata Memorial Hospital is a specialist cancer treatment and research centre, closely associated with the Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer (ACTREC). The Centre is the national comprehensive cancer centre for the prevention, treatment, education and research in Cancer and is recognized as one of the leading cancer centres in this part of the world.  Sangeeta S Bahl has been the part of press conferences of Tata Memorial Hospital sending the messages to women of India that irrespective of all odds/injuries or illness one must keep going. No injury or illness can defeat your mindset. If you have a strong determination, you can even summit The Mount Everest. So, women, get up and get going to scale Everests of your life! When you determine yourself, you would see the world from the top of your Mount Everests!

Training with Everest climbers in the icefall

We wish Sangeeta S Bahl a successful expedition to Mount Everest! Happy Women’s Day!!

Sangeeta S Bahl

Note- All pictures credit Sangeeta S Bahl except the far away Photograph labelled Mount Everest and Lhotse


Nidhi KM