Snorkeling @ Kelor Island is indeed perfect for beginners. I have come across snorkeling opportunities many times but have never experienced it intentionally as I had been too scared to put my face in the ocean  with the snorkeling apparatus without knowing swimming. View from Pink Beach - heading to Kelor Island

View from Pink Beach – heading to Kelor Island

But this time I was enjoying the speed boat and when it stopped at Kelor Island, I just got down to see the beauty of beach. I got down from the boat to look at the water which was very clean. I could clearly see the sea bed. This tempted me to go further ahead in water when I realized the need to have a life jacket as I didn’t know swimming. The underwater world was so inviting that I wanted to see it immediately. I got ready for snorkelling which I always dreaded. I surprised myself for my own reaction to snorkelling. How I had deprived myself of this heavenly experience only I can understand. Now I was all set to see the underwater world while remaining out of it. The water was so transparent that I could see corals very clearly. Transparent water good for snorkeling @ Kelor Island

Transparent water good for snorkeling @ Kelor Island

Fishes were coming towards me as if asking who are you to enter my territory? Three fishes of same family came towards me, staring at me! Although they were small in size but had guts to question my entrance. It was a communication that I felt between them and me. How wonderful! I felt that I got more close towards God and his /her creation.
Don’t know whether God minded my entrance to his sea world but I wanted to thank God for making me part of his works at least once in my lifetime. How fortunate I felt there.
I snorkelled in the ocean for minimum one and a half hour. So, can you imagine how clean and inviting the sea must have been that it lured me to snorkel in it. I had missed this opportunity 3 times at least but could not contain myself this time. So, gear up friends whether u know swimming or not to snorkel in divine waters of Kelor beach close to Flores Island.

So, I would say even if you are a beginner, best way is to start snorkeling at the Kelor beach as the island is on coral reefs and waters being so transparent, one can easily snorkel near the beach itself and see marine life easily to start with. You will not have to go further inside the sea and maintain your risk factor easily. Plus you would be so lured by water and its transparency that you would feel simply hypnotized to just get into it.

Beginners can surely dare to snorkel in this area even if  they don’t know swimming. These are my 2 cents. Please go and try and provide feedback on my advice to beginners. Takeaway for me is that I have to learn swimming so that I can further go in the sea and see more marine life. I will also buy a go pro soon so that I can click photographs of marine life. On the way to Pink Beach

On the way to Pink Beach

Pink beach was another one in Flores Island . It is named as pink beach as when water comes on sand and retreats, the colour of sand turns pink. Its like a magic. There are few beaches in the world that are pink and this one in Flores is one of them. There are snorkelling opportunities at Pink beach as well. Pink Beach

Pink Beach

Disclaimer – The article is totally based on my experience and is unbiased. The trip and activity was sponsored by Visit Indonesia Tourism Office India. Snorkeling activity to be undertaken by the reader on his/her own risk. Nidhi KM or under no circumstances are responsible for the result of snorkeling whatsoever. Snorkeling at Pink Beach

Snorkeling at Pink Beach

Nidhi KM