As kids we used to read, watch and hear a lot of stories on dragons and their attacks and how other animals used to dread from them. When I attended a seminar by Indonesia Tourism board, I realized, dragons still exist in this world. Oh, I was surprised and also scared of if I ever I encounter a dragon. Anyways, when I was invited by Indonesia Tourism Board, I was thrilled and even happier when I came to know we would be visiting Komodo National Park during our FAM trip. Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park

The d day came when we were supposed to explore Komodo National Park. I was so eager to see a dragon and at the same time a bit afraid. However, I had gone to the park in an attire suitable for jungle visits. A T-shirt, jeans and my favourite running shoes. I knew it was supposed to be a good 2-3 hours walk. So had prepared myself mentally for the same. Jungle


As we started walking in the jungle, I could feel the freshness of air, trees and fallen leaves. It was a beautiful scene. Dense forest

Dense forest

On the way , we were shown palm tree which is used to prepare palm oil, palm sugar. Babies of dragons stay in palm trees to avoid cannibalization. Palm tree

Palm tree

We had not gone very far, when we spotted few people standing. Oh wow!!, there they were. It was a pair. Male and female dragon. Fierce dragon

Fierce dragon

Female dragon was very aggressive and was roaming around swiftly, gazing at each of us. It seemed very angry and hungry. There were two groups so 4 guides by the Komodo National Park. So, I felt a bit secured. All guides had big sticks in their hands. Female dragon taking round aggressively

Female dragon taking round aggressively

While the male dragon was just lazing around and looking more like a crocodile in shape, female dragon was moving very restlessly with its long sting coming in and out every time. Both dragons were dark green in colour. They had shape of a lizard. Fierce eyes and crooked look totally. Male dragon lazing around while female taking rounds

Male dragon lazing around while female taking rounds

This female dragon was taking big rounds aggressively. All of a sudden, it came towards us and everyone was told to get away by guides. Furious dragon

Furious dragon

Oh, but no one spared a single opportunity to click. Such an experience of a lifetime. I loved seeing dragons. Sting of dragon

Dragon taking out its sting

While moving, the dragon was pulling out its sting too often. Its said that saliva of these dragons is very poisonous. Also, it can easily swallow a human being. Finally it rested. Female dragon behind the tree

Female dragon behind the tree Finally rested

Finally rested Finally Finally rested

We then moved further ahead. It was a beautiful sky. Beautiful skies

Beautiful skies

We trekked up the mountain and reached a point where sea was visible. It was a lovely view. My attention was then totally diverted by the breathtaking view the sea was offering. View of sea from hill top

View of sea from hill top

Then our guide spotted one more dragon there eating a big snake. Dragon was in bushes. Another dragon in bushes

Another dragon in bushes

We then moved from there. There were few trees that had totally white leaves. It was a scenic view. Trees and sky creating a scenic view

Trees and sky creating a scenic view

As we reached towards the end of the Komodo National Park, we saw a baby dragon thast ran away upon seeing us. Ha ha, everyone in the group got excited to see it. Overall, a lovely experience of life time. Komodo National Park, a World Heritage Site

Komodo National Park, a World Heritage Site

Important tips for Komodo National Park

1. Go fully covered and wear running shoes as there are long walks.

2. One has to be very vigilient in the forest as these dragons can easily blend with the forest and may no it be visible easily.

3. Do not wear bright colours as they may aggravate any animal.

4. The saliva of these dragons are poisonous and with as simple touch of it, a person can die

5. These dragons cash eat human beings as well. Ensure you have a guide with you.

6. Normally authorities provide 2 guides with each group as peer my observation there. All guides carry sticks.

7. Ensure to follow guide’s instructions.

8. Do not make loud noise.

9. Do not leave your group and separate from group.

Nidhi KM

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