View of Kesar Kyari Bagh from Amer Fort is beautiful. It is so mesmerizing that one can just stand for hours at the window of Amer Fort and simply gaze the area. I have been to Amer Fort thrice. I am so fascinated by the view that if I go the fourth time, I won’t regret. What is so special about the view. The Bagh is located in the Maota lake and surrounded with hills. Secondly the wall of Jaigarh Fort around the hills creates a picturistique view all over.



The view is a photographers delight.


Another view

Those who cannot reach to see can surely enjoy photographs. You must shell ut 3-4 hours to see Amer Fort if you want to see it nicely.


Amer Fort


Suraj Pol

Elephant ride in the courtyard is a good option in the area to have a feel of the era. Its fun for kids as well.


Elephant Ride

Ganesh pol is very famous for its intricate carvings and vegetable colours.


Ganesh Pol

Sheesh Mahal is a palace where King used to spend time with his queen. Garden near Sheesh Mahal and Sukh Mandir is beautiful as well.


Sheesh Mahal

Sukh Mandir meant for king and his family during summers to provide coolness has got great architectural strategies to enable the purpose. As per guide water from overhead tank used to run through narrow lines and pass through the garden to solve dual purpose.


Sukh Mandir

Designs of Hamams in the Palace makr me think of ubparalleled spas during that time. Room on the floor which were locked give an idea about the level of privacy queens used to enjoy during those days. Overall. A great palace to visit. There is a museum as well to see to know about dresses, arms and amunitions. Lifestyle of Royal Families of the time.

There are many options for food in and around Amer Fort. 1156 AD and Cafe Coffee Day are few food joints. There is a small arcade that fulfilld your need of window shopping and evn quick buying.
Amer Fort is a big favourite of mine for any and every visit to Jaipur