PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry is organizing 2nd edition of Aviation Exposition- AERO EXPO INDIA- 2017 on November 2nd – 5th. It is going to be the 1st Heli Expo from 4th to 5th November at Paw an Hans Rohini Heliport, New Delhi. 2nd Aero Expo is being held from 2nd Nov to 3rd November Near New ATC Tower, IGI Airport.

I had gone to attend the event for announcement of Aero Expo and Heli Expo at Shangrila Eros Hotel in New Delhi on 8th of June. My interests in travel and tourism brought me to the event to know exactly what’s happening Aero and Heli Expo November 2017 announcement

Aero and Heli Expo November 2017 announcement

Aero and Heli Expo Announcement

As I attended the session, panel of PHD Chamber explained the need of Aero and Heli Expo. Mr. K.N. Rao, Chairman Civil Aviation Committee, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry emphasised on opportunities for aviation industry. He said Expo is contemplated for tourism. 95% of tourism happens with aviation. Due to massive increase in traffic of tourists via air all over India, there is a need felt for the second airport in many states. He said this is in line with the scheme UDAAN by PM Narendra Modi.

It was becoming increasingly difficult to manage helicopters along wirth fixed wings. Keeping in mind the increasing need of aviation services and a separate heliport (owned by Pawan Hans) was inaugurated on 28th February. Heliport can accommodate largest helicopters of the country, 30 helicopters of different sizes. Rohini is a strategic location to accommodate held operations. No need to waste any time and simply land. We are not having to work with any fixed wind partners. There is a need for Helicopter players to come forth and have the look at heliport. Joy rides have already started confined to Saturday and Sundays for 10 and 20 minutes. 10 minutes ride for ‘Dilli Darshan’ for Rs.2500 and 20 minutes ride for Rs.4999.

India has international tourism traffic of about 9 million. So, there would be 850 more fixed wings launched in the span of next five years. India being a land of spirituality and yoga. Jolly Grant Airport received 1,00,000 above people for Char Dham Yatra. There is a lot of scope scope for religious tourism. Many private players have been given the permission to join the league.

Mr. Anil Khaitan , Sr. Vice President, PHDCCI said that there would be a need of different kind of skilled manpower as newer airports come into being. Mumbai, Kolkata , Chennai need a second Airport. At the same time infrastructure upliftment is required. Technology upgrade is required . So private sector is going to play a very big role. Idea of PHD chamber is to lend a platform to big and private players.  21 airports have been identified for parking and operation of newer and smaller airplanes even in tier 3 cities.

Mr. Jitesh Joshi co-chairman Civil Aviation committee PHDCCI said that Aero Expo would give a tremendous opportunity to tourism, Aviation and infrastructure sector with the support of Ministry of Civil Aviation. He said that they are working diligently with industry partners, relevant Ministries and stakeholders and community to make the exposition show beneficial to all stakeholders. This event would focus on enhancing connectivity and will seek to boost the status of India as a leading Global Aviation and tourism hub.

Upon the success of first edition, new avenues for integration and partnership and seal deals have opened up. The event would tap the insights on evolving aviation market and a growing tourism sector with major infrastructural support. It will focus on new opportunities to work in international and national market showcasing with the state of art technology and collective strength in terms of capabilities, products and services in Civil Aviation tourism and infrastructure sector. Exhibitor profile would be from the likes of Air India, Airport Authority of India, country partners and state partners, Aerospace sector, Rotary wing, ground handling Agencies, fixed based operations, hotels and resorts, tourism sector like medical, Wellness sports and religious tourism and other allied industries and services.

Unveiling of Aero and Heli Expo

Unveiling of Aero and Heli Expo


Format of the event would would be like a static display of aircraft , allied products and services and there would be panel discussions. Invitees are those from leading companies of Aviation tourism and infrastructure sector for an interactive session with honorable minister of Civil Aviation.

Looking forward to the event!

Nidhi KM