I travelled for the first time in Malaysian Airlines in May, 2016 while I was going from Delhi to Bali. I had to change flight at Kuala Lumpur.

Experience of Malaysian Airlines

As I waited for the boarding to start, everything seemed to be perfect and on time. I was supposed to travel in economy class but I was pleasantly surprised to know that I was upgraded to the business class.

Ambiance of flight Malaysian Airlines

Seats were very comfortable and I was able to wonderfully adjust it according to my wish. I had a good leg space as it should be in Business class. TV screen was nice and flawless with good quality earphones. It was quite cold at the time. I had to request for two blankets.

Viharin.com- Aerial view as seen from Malaysian Airlines

Aerial view as seen from Malaysian Airlines

Food and service

Food was delicious and nicely packed. It had a good variety of snack and main course. I often asked for apple juice, my favourite in flights. Cabin crew was utmost courteous and pure emptive of our needs. They were very respectful and showed high degree of mannerism. Each and every member in the crew was attentive, polite and prompt.

While coming back as well, I had no problems at all. It was a smooth journey way back as well.

I loved every moment spent in both flights.

Disclaimer– Please note that the flight was sponsored by the Indonesian Tourism Board. Views expressed in the article are truly the author’s opinion and in no way biased.

Nidhi KM