Now that you have decided to take a vacation, how do you decide your destination? Some people already have their destinations bucketed and its easy for them to finalize their trip. There are some people whom I have met who just know that they have to go. But, cant’ decide where to go! Well, I have some tips based on which I have taken my destination decisions and have also gained from other’s experiences.

There are several factors which you must consider while deciding a destination.

Some factors like –

Number of days available for holidays – If tour days are less then destination should not be as far as you would want to spend time at the destination more than flights

Your pocket- I prefer to go to destinations that fit my pocket. Else, I plan for an expensive destination well in advance to be able to save enough money for the same.

Company matters- If you are going with family, you can focus more on family friendly destinations and hotels that are kids friendly. Going with friends becomes a different ball game altogether. You can do adventurous sports, many shows that you would be restricted to otherwise.

Choose the type of location you are able to relate to better. You May be a beach lover or might be attracted to deserts. You May enjoy wild life/bird sanctuaries more than adventures.

One of the other important factors you may consider is the continent. If you have explored many of the European or may be Asian countries, then you may want to skip them. For example, I am trying to do all the continents of the world and then will later start to pick and choose special destinations like Greece, Croatia. I recently went to Europe and saw countries of Western and Central Europe. I have already been to US four times and many Asian countries. So, my other major trips would be focused  on (Of course by God’s grace) South Africa and Australia.

In case you have some other factors to consider before finalising the destination, please feel free to add the comment here.

Nidhi KM