Jet Boat Ride in Gold Coast, Brisbane in Australia was much talked about in our group tour of Australia. We including kids were curious and exhilarated to do the Jet Boat Ride. We reached at the boarding place of Jet Boat Ride by bus after having breakfast at the hotel. It was a pleasant weather. We all were supposed to wear life jackets.

Jet Boat Ride boarding point

Jet Boat Ride boarding point Photo Credits- Mr. Hitesh Desai, Ahmedabad

We knew that there would be boat moving with a great speed and also, we would get 360° spin. These two things made us all eager to do it. We saw a group coming from the boat ride. Some of them were drenched. We then settled in the boat to be able to balance the boat well. There were around 8 rows in the boat. I and my husband sat in the ends of the row having kids in between. We knew that the ride was safe for kids. They being aged 8 and 10 were comfortable in looking around. Boat captain gave us the safety instructions and we all were set to go.

Boat Captain

Boat Captain instructing Photo Credits- Mr. Hitesh Desai, Ahmedabad

Photo Credits- Mr. Hitesh Desai, Ahmedabad

The captain of the boat asked us all about the comfort of 360º spin. The group had people above the age 60 and surprisingly, everyone said yes to the spin! After moving with a speed for sometime, he started with spins. It was an amazing experience. He first did the spin to the right and everyone there tilted to the left by the gravity.

Jet Boat Ride at Gold Coast

Jet Boat Ride at Gold Coast Photo Credits- Mr. Hitesh Desai, Ahmedabad

All the water splashed on our faces. It was so much fun! My little one was scared a bit but tried to cope up. The elder son was enjoying a lot. I and my husband were having a great time, sitting at edges of the boat. We all held the rod in front of us tight. The boat was comfortable. We wore clothes that were comfortable to us and would dry up fast. The captain did some 8-9 spins. It was a superb experience. Water splashes on face were refreshing. We all were invigorated with the ride. It was a phenomenal experience.

I did not get much water on me so, I was fine. We later had Indian Masala Chai after getting back to the boarding area. There is a video that was clicked by their video camera. It was one of the memorable moments of our life. It is highly recommended. Check the age limit before getting kids on to Jet Boat Ride.

Nidhi KM