On our trip to Europe, we heard a lot about Trevi Fountain. Our curiosity had increased a lot. All of us were eager to see Trevi Fountain.

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain

Never thought that people in Italy also had similar beliefs as ours. Trevi Fountain though being a man made structure is said to have magical powers to grant your wish. Its a complete white structure with fountain looks very beautiful.

Beautiful structure

The fountain is at the junction of three roads, hence the name. It is said that the fountain is fed with pure water some 13 kms away from the city. This point symbolises the aqueduct that supplied water to Ancient Rome some 400 years back. It is also said that whoever throws a coin in the fountain with a wish, their wish comes true and that person has to come back to Italy again to pay the regard.



I felt this concept so Indian and happily we threw coins in the fountain. We all were very happy to stay there for  A while then all of a sudden it started raining and it was a heavy rain so we took shelter in one of the showroom exactly opposite the Trevi fountain and spend some half an hour in the showroom

Close up

After the rain, we again reached the fountain and enjoyed its beauty along with the pleasant weather.

It was a very nice and refreshing experience for all of us. The place was very crowded and people were throwing coins in the fountain. There were many tourists in the area. The area had lots of restaurants , shops , showrooms and branded showrooms. One can easily spend 3 to 4 hours in the vicinity and enjoy.

If your wish comes true then you might have to visit Italy to enjoy Trevi Fountain again.

Nidhi KM