Dear our valued subscribers, it gives us immense pleasure to inform you about another section of Share Your Escapades series. This time it’s about Indonesia. We are opening another platform for you to tell us about your experiences in Indonesia. Did you encounter a dragon as in a Komodo? How did you like it? Did you experience the Pink Beach? What about your shopping affair at Seminyak?  What were your lifetime remembrance moments? Why you liked or disliked a certain thing/area/restaurant or a sightseeing destination? Our readers would be happy to hear different stories from you!

We will put those stories in front of the world. This will be a trial phase for Share Your Escapade Series for three months. If we find it to be a win win for both of you and us, we will open more special channels for the same.

I myself have been to Indonesia twice and each time, it was an unparalleled experience for me.

You simply have to write your escapades / experiences in the comment section and add your details in the requisite columns and you are done. But, please ensure that the story is yours only and is uniquely being posted on our website.

Sunset at Flores in Indonesia for Share Your Escapades Series

Sunset at Flores in Indonesia

So, what are you waiting for! Hurry up and start sharing your experience!!


  • This offer is only for plain travelers who would love to share their stories and experiences through us.
  • Experiences mentioned must be having a unique language and not duplicated or copied from elsewhere
  • What’s in it for you– You will get a mention and hence publicity on our website and social media which is worth 46,000+.
  • What’s in it for us– Our website will get other’s experiences apart from ours on Indonesia
  • There will not be any monetary exchange in the process of Share Your Escapades Series

Nidhi KM