This time I am in Bali when the Mount Agung in Bali is very angry and aggressive. It’s been actively throwing smoke and little magma since 21st November . Fire can be seen from its opening from far. I am writing this article so that I can make you aware of this situation and what you should do during a volcanic eruption while traveling.

Being in the Nusa Dua area which is about 90kms away from Mount Agung, we have currently no impact of the same. Life is normal here. Warnings have been issued in areas that are 10kms aerial distance away from Mount Agung. People in India are getting news about the situation in areas within 10kms of range of impact and hence they get worried about their loved ones in Bali. However, it’s totally normal here and tourists are enjoying themselves except for the fact that some have their flights cancelled. Warnings have been issued to evacuate within 10kms. Some people who are permanent residents of that area are willing to move only if they see danger.



We landed in Bali on 25th November. Airport got closed on 27th November. Reason being the volcano was sending smoke that reached 15000 ft. Any smoke particles or ashes coming in touch with aeroplanes can damage them. Our return being on 29th, we were  skeptical about departure looking at the scenario.

Since we were safe, we did Lion Safari, elephant and other safaris of Indian, Asian and African animals. Next day we did some shopping as well.

Grand Hyatt in Nusa Dua continuously updated its guests of the situation. They had put up a notice board for the same.

Hotel and restaurant association had also offered to provide one night stay

Thankfully airport re opened on 30th of November. We planned to exit Bali as per the situation. Newspapers were providing the information.

The government took appropriate steps to ensure safety of citizens as well as tourists in the area. We were rest assured that we will be safe and are in good hands of Mr. Manish Keswani from Thai Airways and Mr. Kaleem from VITO. They made us aware of alternate routes to Delhi, India. One was via Lombok from Bali to Jakarta. Then Jakarta Delhi flight with a halt. Other route was via a 10-12 hours journey from Bali to Surabaya and then to Jakarta. We were about to follow the later route as Lombok airport was about to get closed. In the meanwhile we got the good news that there was no smoke from Mount Agung and hence airports to re open! That time we were staying in Anvaya hotel who were mainting information for its guests. Manish was in constant touch with his offfice and continuously updated us of the situation. He did a commendable job in ensuring we are adept of the situation and comfortable.


As we learnt about the re opening of the airport, Mr. Manish Keswani was on his toes all the time to ensure we have a seemless return. Mr. Kaleem too took necessary steps to ensure our comfortable stay till we got a new flight.

Mount Agung’ s View as taken from plane from my last trip to Bali

Precautions to be taken while traveling to a place having Volcanic eruption

1. Carefully understand and follow instructions by the disaster management authorities

2. Do not go near the risky zone area

3. Other areas apart from impacted ones lead a normal life except that the airports can be shut. So, you can take your call whether to visit that island or not.

4. Try and leave the impacted location as soon as possible

5. Wait for instructions from the authorities

6. During the volcanic eruption, if the magma flows into the sea, it may lead to hot avalanche. So, better ensure the safety of sea route before traveling by sea. Authorities closely monitor the situation and ensures safety of all

7. Stay in contact with your country’s embassy and in touch with the numbers provided for disaster management

8.  If you are in touch with the disaster management group, kindly enquire them about the emergency alternate routes. Leaving the island should be the first priority.

9. Do not do outdoor activities in the impacted area.

10. Keep reading about the status and be alert

Nidhi KM