Like last three years, this year too I attended SATTE 2018.

Every year I get excited to meet and network with people of travel and tourism trade across the world. Unlike last three years, this year I was glued to SATTE for all three days. It took enough time for me to greet and discuss business opportunities with authorities of Tourism Boards, Hotels/Resorts and Airlines.

At first all visitors have to show the online registration ticket. After the baggage check in, one has to register on-site at the registration gates. After I got my registration, I was raring to explore the world at SATTE 2018. At the first glance was the Tourism board of North East India. Followed by big pavilions of J&K Tourism, Uttarakhand, Telangana, Karnataka, Odisha, Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra Tourism and more.


There were 28 Tourism boards from all across India. Each Tourism board had a Public Relations Officer, memeber of Department of Tourism Board.

On periphery of all these pavilions were people representing  Hotels/Resorts of that state , tours and travel agencies. There were also representatives from  same trade distributing their cards.

A very interesting thing that always happens is captivating performances of various cultural dances from different countries of the world!

Well, a separate section in the hall and a separate hall that was provided to tourism boards of different countries.

Pattern was still the same, the periphery being radiating the representations of Hotels/Resorts, adventure Parks, sightseeing destinations, DMCs and travel agencies from these countries.

Cultural performance at SATTE 2018

Cultural performance at SATTE 2018

There were also separate stalls for GSAs, Cruises and Travel Agencies.

I personally have benefitted by visiting SATTE every time. For the first time, I was able to introduce myself as a travel Influencer to the Tourism boards both in India and Internationally.

Second time I had got opportunities to write hospitality stories in the North East area of India.  Third time I was able to increase visibility of and its achievements. Hoping to reap benefits from  SATTE 2018 as well. I would say even if one doesn’t do anything but puts a visiting card in each of the pavilions/stalls, I think it’s worth the effort as it creates a branding and an opportunity to engage.

Looking forward to more and more SATTE events in future.

Nidhi KM

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