New Age kids are very energetic and have access to a lot of knowledge. The energy they possess must be used creatively. My kids used to be busy for hours in building blocks during their earlier years. Just provide them with blocks you and would not realize their presence. Now, that they have grown up a bit, I have re introduced LEGO to them. They worked on LEGO Brick heads, LEGO Dirt Road Pursuit and Lego City Monster Truck.

My younger son was very excited for all these products. He used to obey my instructions at once in the name of LEGO toys . This time,he left his favorite movie for the construction of LEGO City Monster Truck. Not only that but also, he would ask- ‘Mumma, how many likes/reach have I got for my video shoot?’ I was pleasantly surprised to see his talent of impromptu presentation.

This festive season,  LEGO presents to you a variety of gifting options for your loved ones. You could choose the LEGO toys from the nearest Hamleys stores across India or shop online on Amazon and Flipkart.

Here are some of the exciting LEGO gifts options to choose from this year!

EMMA’s Art Café

Emma’s Art Café is fun to construct as your Princess would love  to make a cafe, a Panini and coffee machine, seating area and cash register. There’s also an outside art area that is hinged so it can be moved around, and a bench full of paints for the resident graffiti artist. The set consists of 378 pieces and is suitable for age group 6 onwards. Priced at 3,299

Emma's Art Cafe by LEGO

Emma’s Art Cafe Picture courtsey- LEGO

Tow Truck Trouble

As a kid, we all were always excited about trucks and rescue mission. With this product from the LEGO® City police range, LEGO presents us the opportunity to race after the crooks and prevent theft. The set features three mini-figures, a tow truck with winch arm and hook, a police off-road bike, a police pursuit bike with radio, plus a safe with money bills and jewels. Containing 144 pieces this collection is for boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 12 years. Priced at INR 2,499

Tow Truck Trouble

Tow Truck Trouble Picture courtesy- LEGO

Heavy Dirt Road Pursuit

My son took some two hours to build LEGO® City Dirt Road Pursuit. He liked it so much that he presented how the police in the truck threw a net on the thief and how he released the boulder. It was so much fun to see him first creating and then presenting.

The set consists of 297 pieces and suitable for 5-12 year. Priced at INR 2,999

Dirt Road Pursuit Picture courtsey- LEGO

Olivia’s Mission Vehicle

A perfect gift for your daughter, Olivia’s Mission Vehicle crafts a beautiful story telling narrative. With this unique set, one can engage with Olivia and Zobo to move around Heartlake City and help people around. Olivia’s Mission Vehicle comes with an Olivia mini-doll, a buildable Zobo figure and a cat figure, and there is room to fit all 5 girls from Heartlake City inside this popular kids’ toy! This set is best suited for the age group 6-12 years. Priced at INR 1,999