After witnessing a great dance performance of Kecak dance at Uluwutu temple, we headed to have Indian cuisine at Spice Mantraa .

Ambiance at Spice Mantraa 

It was a nice building with two floors to it. Location of Spice Mantraa is a prime one being opposite to Discovery Shopping Mall in Kuta. It is centrally located.

Spice Mantraa

Spice Mantraa

I liked the interiors on the ground floor. We dined at the first floor which had few tables. Buffet was laid there.


Buffet had Chicken Makhani, Karhi pakora and mixed vegetables. I loved chicken Makhani. It was delicious and I can bet it was like any good chicken Makhani prepared in a good restaurant in Delhi. Salad had pasta, onions both spring and vinegar soaked. I had chicken Malaga I With Normal roti and it was luscious. After the whole day walking and traveling, I loved eating this sumptuous meal. I also loved papars that were served. Karhi was  delicious as well. Since I am a non vegetarian and hence don’t focus on anything else when non veg is there, my evening was already made. Sweet dish had Gilab jamun and jalebi. I loved jalebi. It was lipsmacking and crispy.


It was a self service buffet for us. I must say dishes were hot and rotis soft while being crispy.

It was overall a great experience dining there

Nidhi KM